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Daniella eating Sushi

Well Hello There!


Who’s Tooch? Well that would be me! It's what I am called by my closest friends and now all of you. My real name is Daniella but I don't get called that often ;) I live in Toronto, Canada and I love to eat anything and everything. Everything I say and do is one way or another related to Food. Cooking to me consists of 3 things; Knowledge, Creativity and Lessons Learned. With the right mix of these 3 things cooking can be very enjoyable, especially if you love the eating part as much as I do. All of my recipes have been tested and retested. Nothing upsets me more committing to a recipe, buying all the ingredients, taking the time to make it and it just doesn’t work. That sort of injustice just won’t happen here. So grab my hand, come on in, and let’s get to it! I cook from the heart, and crave from the stomach ~ All Day, Every Day ~ Learn More...

Mixed Berry Pavlova | © www.toochskitchen.com | where happiness is homemade |~Daniella

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